HostRooster Unveils a Fresh Look with a New Logo Reflecting its Vibrant Identity


[London, July 2023] – HostRooster, a leading online platform for unforgettable stays and immersive experiences, is excited to announce the launch of its new logo, a dynamic symbol that encapsulates the essence of its brand and mission.

The new HostRooster logo is a visual representation of the platform's commitment to creating vibrant connections between hosts, guests, and local communities. The logo design is characterized by its sleek round shape, signifying unity and inclusiveness, which are core values at the heart of HostRooster's philosophy.

Key Elements of the New Logo:

Innovative Structure: The logo consists of three concentric circles, with an inner circle housing a silhouette of a rooster. This unique structure reflects HostRooster's forward-thinking approach to providing innovative solutions for travelers and hosts.

Empowering Identity: The rooster symbolizes resilience, confidence, and a proactive attitude – qualities that mirror the hosts and guests who form the foundation of HostRooster's community.

Captivating Arch: Two outer circles elegantly arch above and below, featuring the text "HostRooster" in a balanced arrangement. This design enhances readability and ensures the logo is easily recognizable across various platforms. 

The Emblem of Connection and Diversity:

The new emblem was carefully chosen from among various designs after a comprehensive selection process. HostRooster engaged a diverse committee, inviting votes from individuals representing different walks of life. This inclusive approach ensured that the logo resonated not only with the brand's values but also with the broader community it serves.

A Celebration of Unity and Experience:

The logo is not merely a visual identity; it encapsulates the profound philosophy behind HostRooster's platform. It represents the unity of hosts, guests, and local communities, all coming together to create an enriching tapestry of experiences. Each stay, each interaction, and each connection woven through the platform adds to this vibrant narrative of travel.

HostRooster remains committed to its mission of fostering genuine connections, enriching experiences, and creating memorable journeys for its ever-growing community of hosts and guests.

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HostRooster is a leading platform that connects travelers with unique stays and immersive experiences. For more information about HostRooster and its offerings, please visit
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